Jacky Foo and I

[Monday, 10 July, 2006]

Yesterday afternoon, my phone sounded and I received an unexpected message. It was a Sunday, a holiday, yet the message was about work.

Luckily it was from Jacky Foo, one of the indirect superiors whom I liked most that I did not feel as bad. He was asking me in a polite manner to prepare a PowerPoint slide for his lesson. Of course I would do him the favour for how respectful he always treated me and the enthusiasm he had for his lesson.

He was once my “discipline master” for my course in the past and we got closer after working together a few times. I was sure that he had witnessed my good working attitude and that was why he was nice to m that he even wanted to pull me to the ROC trip if only my ORD date was not near.

In the morning, just as I passed by the gate, he had sent me another friendly message to remind me to help him prepare for his lesson. In fact, I would not be paying special attention when I was in ORD mood already; it was all for him. After opening the place, I went back to office to retrieve the latest lesson plan and suddenly I received an urgent message that the old copy could not be opened. He was quite cute.

After everything was fixed, we had a little chat and he expressed his concern for me and my family.

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