My last duty

[Friday, 21 July, 2006]

It was the first time I did the marshalling duty out of camp, as well as the last time I was going to do it. Less than three months to ORD, I had finally completed all my duties – AVA, IRB, flag bearer and marshalling.

I can finally ease my mind a little and wait to get out of this inhuman place. It is not the work that is causing all the hardship but the people who are so selfish and arrogant, wanting all they want. Life can really be much better.

Despite being advised by so many friends that I should talk more about happy things, but it is never my style to conceal ghastly facts of life. The place really stinks.

I do not know what religion does the bitch practises on, but she definitely is a sadist somehow. If you were to be forced to do overtime work without extra pay, how would you feel? It is not about rewards but human rights and humanity to ensure sufficient rest.

Thus, that day when I heard about one fortunate guy wailing to enter this fridge, I was filled with amazement. I despised him for his dream of being sluggish and at the same time I mocked at his naiveness and unawareness.

This guy would most probably be thrown over and smile like striking lottery, until he realises he has unlimited chores to do. My poor branch would then face poverty with more people who have attitude problems.

Since it is not within my reach, I shall not care anymore when I am leaving soon.

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