My mum is sick again

[Sunday, 09 July, 2006]

I want to go back to camp to accompany Kwang Han but my mum is very sick.

It happened somehow last night when I dozed off early and was waked up by my family at a certain time. Even though it seemed to be something serious that they were going to the hospital, I dozed off soon again.

I woke up in the morning, late for volleyball but was glad that everyone was at home, sleeping soundly. It just seemed like I had a bad dream but later I realised it was the fact that my mum was not feeling well.

It was the second time in just this two or three months that she had gone to the hospital, which was quite bad. This time she was asked to go to the specialist at National Heart Centre.

For now, she starts to experience some pains around her chest. She cannot exert herself too much and even when she talks she has to use little energy to make herself soft. Somehow it is hurting to me.

Seriously, I doubt the attitudes and skill of western doctors after all my experiences. Following on would definitely be more wastage of time and money when the specialists start to ask her to go for more testing and scanning, which would require more waiting time. What can they do in the end?

Maybe, she is lucky enough to meet some real good doctors? We still have to try.

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