Of money

[Thursday, 06 July, 2006]

Often, I think about the limited distance I can stretch myself out to; there are too many things I cannot do and thus I am brooded down at times.

Though there is no expectation to bring down the stars but at least be able to get things which are within my reach. There are so many little things like flowers, movie tickets, bags, shoes and shirts which are within my reach except that I cannot splurge for I need to save up for rainy days.

For many others, they do not need to worry money issues since they are born blissfully; they might not be rich but they do have wealthy parents. They have ready houses for their future spouses to move in anytime while I do not even own my own room. They do not have to worry about the ability to buy new houses in future and they do not have to earn any money in order to spend.

I look at myself and wonder how I am going to even provide for my own living in future; it is so pathetic of me.

I seriously think girls should consider more about the future of the guys before they stick together. The guys should at least be of a certain education background such that better paid jobs could be acquired, unless they are born rich.

Though money is not the most important thing on earth, we cannot do without them.

If only I could be richer.

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