Our efforts and surprises

[Thursday, 28 July, 2006]

We had been trying to give each other surprises that there had been many guessing games. Perhaps, we had telepathy communication that it required more than efforts for a sweet surprise.

Nonetheless, sometimes I felt stressed because there might be one day that I was inspired-less and that there could be a negligence feeling. Similar to sending of sweet messages, we used to come up with such poetic ones so often that the inspiration juice was squeezed out and there was a weird feeling somehow. Luckily for our daily efforts there was trust between us and I supposed we had got used to it.

This time, the surprise she tried to amaze me was too obvious for a shock. She asked me for my location and did not reply me until I called her she did not chat over the phone like usual and insisted me to give her a message once when I reached home.

I gave her an assurance when I was home and she told me to give her half an hour’s time, which was sufficient enough to reach my place. When the time was up, she did not contact me until I lied to her that I was going out. Then, I ambushed near the lift for her, which proved worthless waiting.

Suddenly she called and asked me to tell her once I got home. I quickly got back in because I could wait no longer for her sweet surprise, such that I did not want her to wait somewhere near and waste the time. However, it took longer than expected and I kept questioning her over the phone to confuse her into leaking the secret since she was not good in directions.

She told me to wait for a while and she hung up the phone. I sat in front of the door and she appeared.

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