Overnight in office again

[Tuesday, 18 July, 2006]

It had been quite long since I last stayed overnight in camp again. I was so careless and blur to forget about the parade, therefore I went home first to bath and get cloths. However, I went to pass Vivi something before going home, and thus causing the delay to meet up with Ah Boon at Jurong East to take cab in. Actually, Elvin and Anthony helped to cover up for my last AVA duty so that I could go home; it was so sweet of them.

It was a good night to have quite a number of people with us – namely Ah Boon, Kwang Han, Elvin, Ah Beng, Anthony and Chen De. However, they occupied the four computers to play Counterstrike and that I was left with only my diary.

They stopped at around midnight and went down to Ah Beng’s lab to play game using the projector and large screen, whereas, Ah Boon went up to his lab alone. Kwang Han was nice enough to get pillows down from one of the usually unused syndicate rooms. Then he took the sleeping bag found at Publication store and left Ben’s one for me.

That was the first time I slept with a sleeping bag. Knowing that I had to wake up early, I did not hold back my sleep anymore and started dozing off. It was a comfortable night though we were actually sleeping on the hard ground because of the cooling air-conditioners.

I actually woke up many times in the fear of oversleeping for the parade setup. We planned to get up at five plus but both of us agreed to sleep longer.

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