Overtime abuse

[Wednesday, 05 July, 2006]

Usually, people would think ladies as more lenient and welfare than guys, but this theory does not fit in for my work place.

It was the first time I brought work back to home. The bloody OT book was quite big and bulky but since Shep wanted to see it early in the morning, I woke up at five plus to finish it. It was a redo work as she wanted to standardise the format, which was quite redundant already.

At first I thought it was all her ideas that the system was to be abolished until I attended the meeting with the department heads. I was so foolish that I did not guess her intention of trying to help us because since beginning she was quite supportive until new boss came. We had this big problem since she was too paranoid.

Things were still alright until some black sheep overused their wits to challenge the system. Report was shown during the previous meeting among the big farks that my branch, with the most forced labourers had the highest MC and OFF rate.

Personally I thought there was nothing wrong at all. Because of illness, the patient should rest at home and unless you doubted the professionalism of the doctors, the MCs were valid. I saw no weirdness with falling sick when most of the workers were graded unfit for physical activities and therefore bodies were weaker than normal people. As for the OFFs, most of them deserved it for their hard work.

So, the problem started with the complaining, which office politic was involved again and then the branch head decided to slaughter her men’s happiness to reduce accusation. Seriously it was pointless since there were always faults which other branches could find with; she was taking the wrong path of avoiding instead of fighting for the rights of her men, thus she was just giving in more and more to the others.

Her stand was such that her men should be on twenty-four hours standby and that each of them was just doing their job scope even if they worked overtime; thus, there should not be compensation of OFFs. She thought each of everyone of us was lucky enough to be able to go home everyday after work, unlike many others who needed to stay in. The worst of all, she thought we were even luckier that we needed not go outfields.

This naïve and selfish thought from superiors is worth more than spitting and stomping of feet, and at least a slap on their faces each.

Firstly, every human should have limited hours of work per day and she should not abuse her our resting time; and if she really wants to do it, she should compensate for them.

Secondly, we are not given any room to stay overnight whenever we like and thus we are kind of forced to go home everyday and waste our money for transportation.

Thirdly, handling a whole building could be tougher than going to the outfield for exercises; at least you are able to get to rest when you were at the outfield. Since those physically fit people are given OFFs after their exercises, why are we not?

Furthermore, we are getting so low pay each month while those foolish people who have signed contract to work longer have so much higher pay than us and thus they should work harder of course; there is no prospect at all no matter how hard we work.

If a leader does not want to accompany her men and yet does not want to reward or compensate them for doing extra work, how would she expect her men to respect her or to even work willingly?

She is being very cruel to people who stay far. How would you feel if you had to go to work early in the morning before sunrise and only get home hours after sunset for more than once a week? For Ah Boon’s case, it is at least twice per week.

What is fairness and what is human right? What is this corrupted organisation trying to prove to the rest of the population? Though I am left with less than three months to end this suffering, I cannot disregard the fact that future generations are going to be tortured.

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