Raining saved the day

[Tuesday, 25 July, 2006]

I woke up to be so tired. Lacking of sleep had once again put me in fatigue. I felt too weak to do anything and yet I had no choice but to set off for camp.

It was not a usual day because of the HLS run that I had to leave my house earlier. This time the five of us, Rongji, Edgar, Gilbert, Siu Hang and I were one of the earliest to reach the 2SIG parade square. Lightning was dancing over the sky, causing the fears within our misplaced hearts. It was going to rain for sure and thus we were not sure if we should proceed on.

It was weird that no familiar face was seemed and soon heavy downpour was scattered over the place. News of the cancellation for the run was called but we were already stuck there. I saw a great relief finally for my condition was totally unsuitable for a good run. As the rain lightened in a while’s time, we walked back to office.

The morning started relaxing though I could sense work piling up. Then, we were told that the HLS was actually postponed and since nobody had informed us about it, we were blindfolded. It was another blessing in disguise.

At the later part of the day, I witnessed more nuisances from the supposed-to-be-wise old men.

Troublesome Tan called upon the office to get his lesson prepared again. I suspected he was simply looking for companion as well as to attract attention. Though he could be quite entertaining sometimes, his loud voice was no doubt irritating when everyone was busy or tired.

As for the Journey-to-the-west, he seemed pretty polite whenever I greeted him but he was actually a troublemaker who was bearing grudges on Quek and in turns took his anger on Siu Hang and the rest. He was finding the slightest fault whenever possible. He left an equipment room unlocked with the keys inside and blamed Siu Hang for taking initiative to lock it up. That was one of the most absurd thing I had seen, for a criminal to criticize someone being responsible.

In fact, so many screw-up things had been happening that I was totally faithless about the place.

In the afternoon, we had to move the old CPU to the CCO side. Despite having backache and that I was so worried it might worsen again, I did not escape from the job. In actual fact, we were having fun by giving selves entertainment.

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