Second Ultrasound scan

[Wednesday, 05 July, 2006]

I set off to SGH directly from camp for the first time due to time constraint. I had bought a pair of leather shoes from the E-Mart using credits the day before but I had forgotten to bring them home, and thus my load was heavier this time. In fact, it was the first time my poor black Adidas bag was squeezed so badly that the zips might be spoilt anytime. I hesitated so long to go home first since the bag was really heavy and bulky as my boots and uniforms were also inside.

Many ignorant friends would be so shocked since Ultrasound was known to be only for pregnant women to check on their unborn babies; I could not blame them since I was not sure of the wonders of the machine as well.

I reached the place around fifteen minutes earlier. I waited for more than an hour to go into the internal waiting area to continue with my waiting. By the time I was called to go in, I was no longer bothered about the time taken since it was already so long that I had lost track of the duration.

This time, I needed not change into their sexy bath gown as I was doing the scanning only for my left calf. The operator placed the jelly-like cream onto my left calf and then the scanning proceeded on. The handset looked like those that were used to scan barcode at cashiers. The system had more keys than a normal keyboards and the operator seemed to be so busy pressing and scrolling it. I could not understand the screen.

The doctor was asked in and after some investigation, he announced that the lump was born within me and not a fatal tumour or whatever shit; blood was flowing through it. Then he said the Orthopaedic would do a further explanation and MRI would be done first before deciding whether an operation should be done. This meant further dragging on of my condition.

I went home so exhausted with my belonging after that.

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