Sentosa – trekking, beaching, Skyride and Luge

[Saturday, 08 July, 2006]

Gilbert caused all the weariness on everyone’s face. I did not know trekking was so tedious until he gave me the experience.

He messaged me that he would be late for fifteen minutes and I was all prepared to be later than him since others would probably not be earlier than him. I dragged on and did everything slowly and even went to get a bottle of mineral water at 7-Eleven. I caught Gilbert at Outram Park MRT after I transited; it was so coincident but anyway we were late for half an hour and the rest was there already, namely Tze Siang, Yongfu, Ivan and Siu Hang.

We went to Harbourfront Centre to get more mineral water and also some buns to fill our stomachs. Then, we proceeded to Sentosa Island. We started with discussing whether which bus to take when I kept confirming that it was the Blue Line because I always took it to the Underwater World to stroll to Siloso beach. However, suddenly we started walking instead.

Ivan and Gilbert had different opinions on the route to take as Gilbert wanted to take the sheltered path instead. I had a cold sweat because flaming at the beginning of the day was a very bad indication. Things got well but Gilbert’s determination to comb up the Mount Imbiah, making detours caused our exhaustion. My feet started to ache again soon and it sounded stupid to be on slippers. It was a good experience anyway.

Lunch was at the Subway near Butterfly Park. I called Vivi to ask if she wanted to eat with me but since she did not reply, I decided to accompany the rest instead. It was the first time I bought food at a Subway outlet and was very lost, making a fool out of myself somehow.

After which, we stopped at Carlsberg Sky Tower and Gilbert wanted to take a photo with it when it was two metres from the ground. After waiting for some time, he gave up. We decided to proceed to the beach to meet up with Peh but ended up at near the Merlion instead. I roughly knew the way but did not want to set up a Three Kingdoms’ war.

When we were certain of the route, I decided to go out to fetch Vivi immediately instead of making a big detour from the beach. There was a group of guys at the back of the bus and one of them was singing “Kiss Goodbye” so disgustingly. I went to the MRT’s toilet immediately and soon I heard the same song and voice again when I was inside one of the cabins.

Seeing Vivi was a fascinating moment. She was in her sportiest looks, wearing a sleeveless shirt, which she would never wear out of her house. Submissive in her charm, I seemed to be living in a dream to be with such a sweet girl. The tiredness to go all the way out to escort her when I was exhausted was worth it.

We went to Palawan beach to meet up with the rest as Peh said that Sunsetbay was fully booked already. They were having volleyball game upon we arrived. The opponents looked very serious in the friendly match and I heard they were practising there just for the upcoming beach competition. Their efforts seemed pointless when all the same competitive players would eventually win the tournaments and that their skills did not even match the average skilled teams.

Anyway, I joined in the games but sometimes I was helpless when the balls went out of my area. The wind and low net also prevented me from doing my best. Actually, I had fun other than playing volleyball; the teasing with Vivi and the fight with Siu Hang kept me occupied. Nevertheless it was the greatest feeling to have someone so sweet to try to clear all the sand on my body even when I was wetted with sweats.

It was great that she was able to communicate well with my friends and that similar to me, she found Gilbert cute. Though, she could be childish sometimes to dislike their teasing by calling me intimately just like she always called me. And when I “flirted” with Siu Hang, she started to ignore me.

After washing up, followed by a short stop at the 7-Eleven, we went for the Sky Ride and Luge. It was cool to be up in the air with the person you loved. For her, I had to brave myself up and cover my timidity, holding her hands and assuring her her safety. But still, I had this fear in my brain that my slippers might fall off anytime. The Luge was fun and it could be fast enough, except that little kids were blocking the ways and I had to keep an eye on her that I did not go all the way down. Unfortunately and disgustingly, I went out of track at a curve when I was looking back at her. Overall, the money was well-spent because of her.

The next stop was dinner at Harbourfront’s Seah Lm food centre. The shuttle buses were very cramp but it was great enough to be with my dearest girl and good friends. Gilbert was quiet and totally shagged that we felt so weird. Gilbert, Peh and his girlfriend went home immediately while the rest of us crossed over the Harbourfront Centre to shop around. By then, I was already floating in the air of love.

My feet were giving me pains more than ever, especially when I was carrying the big bag. The final destination was of course her house but this time I was so tired that I asked her to spend a quiet moment with me somewhere at the neighbourhood but her neighbours had already “booked” most of the places. Knowing that I ought to take a rest before moving on, but I hurried home immediately to doze off an hour later halfway through the MSN chat with her.

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