Server down again

[Wednesday, 05 July, 2006]

The first time I was told that my site was down after I switched the server, I did not believe it at all. I thought it was the problem with StarNet since it was constantly blocking sites randomly.

When I was home, there was times when the site was really down. Even the FTP could not work as well. Then, I still thought the server was marvellous because it cost Mike more than two hundred bucks per month – a dedicated one.

Until today, I failed to view the page again and I realised it was not a good sign. I waited and it just did not recover like the previous time in minutes.

I sent a message to Mike and was very demoralised when he told me that this server was always unstable. He told me he would assign me to another server instead but he was not home yet.

After some time, he told me it could be due to DOS attack. So, I assumed some jealous smart asses were trying to stop him from making more money.

It was a frustrated afternoon. I hated my site to be down because visitors might think it would be down forever but I could not help it. It added on to my other problems and I realised the urge to find ways to keep my calm.

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