Shop at TG Pagar MRT

[Thursday, 29 June, 2006]

Gilbert influenced me with his hobby of shopping, whereby I was at the last second day of sales at TG Pagar MRT station’s shops with my mum.

My intention was to get some cheap formal wears but I only got to buy a shirt and polo-shirt; I could not find a pant which I really wanted. Then, I picked two shorts and finally a bag and a wallet. My mum picked a sweater which she had been eyeing since the previous time she went there with my younger brother; and then she picked a handbag (again?).

They actually gave away a T-shirt for each certain amount spent and the T-shirts were so crumbled and ultra large.

The place was freezing and after some time I started to have a cramp. It was bad enough to cause weakness on my left foot and I dragged it all the way to prevent further cramps.

I was the one who footed the bills of near hundred bucks.

My mum did not check her handbag thoroughly and there were some worn-outs. She went down to exchange the next day but to realise all the nicer designs were already sold out.

Whereas for my wallet, I was not sure if I had made the right choice; just purely got it for the sake of it was cheaper than usual and my current one was going to be torn soon.

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