Still in prints

[Tuesday, 11 July, 2006]

Suddenly I begin to see a different picture of things. Everything may just seem too beautiful right now but it may not be like it appears.

Because time can be the evil and distance can be the devil, I will never let a slack out of them. But can reality be changed? Can chances be bought? Can the history be erased? Can I implement the isolation from unnecessary troubles which will at the end comes back to me as a causal passing remark, which I will not be able to advise anymore?

The deletion of the fore hero seems too tricky that everyone is still able to start guessing; whereas, comments and promises to wipe out are too vague. If you put them in print and state a different opinion, there is bound to be confusion.

It casts a thorn in my flesh and a sabre in my heart that I am of a great distortion, being harassed by the reality and unforeseen.

Am I insane? Do I have the ability to judge and counsel? Am I seeing things clearer than anyone else? Are my eyes playing tricks on me and am I bringing myself to my tombstone?

Are you mature enough to distinguish between your interest and fantasy?

Actions speak louder than words.

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