Thanks guys

Thanks friends for bearing with my messy layout, my lousy English with many spelling or grammatical mistakes, and last but listed, my sometimes-naiveness-and-ignorant entries.

Thanks friends for messaging me to chat in MSN. I used to have many buddies to bother me but I was, and am, very harsh and direct in my journals, and that I could not keep up with my work to conduct the proper mood to chat. Since I do not spare enough time for them, they be the same.

Thanks Ah Boon for understanding me when I was not feeling well.

Thanks guys for all the visits to infiltrate into my weird and isolated mind; thanks for all the recent posts, comments and craps from Yuqing, Kwang Han, Sem Chi, Siu Hang, Da Zhang, Mingfa, Ah Boon and Ganz. Also thanks to my lovely Vivi.

Thanks for all the quiet possible visits from Irwin, Mingli, John, Joreen, Eunice Koh, Gilbert and many others who I cannot find out. Please drop a message occasionally for at least I can feel the spirit of friendship surrounding me.

But for all you have to know, I will still continue to type freely as from my mind, without being biased or specially praising you just because you are here. I will just treat it that I am talking to or in my dream.

I have been living in a world of my own and that often I think differently from others; I really hope I can explore more minds and also receive feedbacks to improve myself. I would prefer you to enlighten me when I am being selfish or naïve, or being negative in any aspect, but please be more compassionate for I spend much more effort than anyone else to perfect my world.

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