The freaky old hooligan

[Tuesday, 18 July, 2006]

For the sake of my last AVA duty, I did not attend HLS run. It could be a slacking morning but I could not doze off.

Soon, the troublesome Tan came again and expected me to go up to the classroom and find his lesson’s slides inside the computer. Even though every instructor was doing the simple task themselves since everything was organised properly inside the server and that I was not even an instructor to know what he needed, I followed him up as a friend and since I did not want to create problems. In fact, if everyone was to demand this, we would be dead meat.

Anyway I only managed to find his slides after he showed me the title on the printed copy; I got totally nothing to do with the organisation of the slides. Since he was always suggesting things and sounded so advance, I was puzzled why he did not even know how to use the “Search” feature.

The worst thing came soon after. Hooligan Lim came in to the office and demanded for ten laptops, claiming that 007 had given approval. There was no instruction from 007 and we could not find him or Quek. There were other things that he insisted on and he made me go up with him to see his little nest; the room where we moved the ultra-heavy VSAT equipments to. Everything inside the room reminded me of how much hard work we had placed in, including the usage of the PES E (excused) guys.

I knew I had to continue to face this dark world. He asked for many more things like changing of all the thirty plus chairs and even for large tables. He wanted us to sweep the floor as well. He basically showed no respect to anyone of us in return for my friendliness. He kept accusing us that we did not set up the room until he had to come over to do it himself and he did not want to believe that we had done everything being instructed to do and whatever our superiors had not done was none of our business. Sadly to recognise the fact that each requirement was already accomplished by the good leadership of Quek, he was showing his true boar self.

Anyway, in order to drench his thirst of getting a bigger room, he forced open a nearby exam room which was used to store expensive equipments. I did know which careless guy did not ledge the door properly the last time it was accessed, but this hooligan complained to our branch head directly despite the fact of the break in crime he had done.

In fact, I used to respect him for his knowledge, and nothing else. During my ROC trip, he was the person who created most problems for everyone as well and that all officers did not want to get near him except for Ang who had to sacrifice himself. This hooligan loved more than anyone else to find troubles; none of the silly regulars dared to annoy him, not even cared about him smoking a smoke pipe all over the places.

Since Quek would certainly fulfil all his desires, I knew we had to do it anyway and of course not go against this hooligan. We shifted the furniture as instructed, having to “destroy” the two lecture rooms near it. The good thing was that this old hooligan took off his shirt to do it together with us. However, he did not stop firing accusation at us like as if we owed him everything.

It was not the end of everything after the moving and sweeping chores, for he complained about the missing screws of the tables and demanded cloth to wipe them. Although we had given him around four power extension bars, he demanded another two. It was a laughing stock that the organisation did not provide the equipments for us and yet required us to provide the shit to other mother-farkers.

I hurt my back once again. It was an excellent decision that I did not sign on so that I needed not face such people for long.

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