The guilt from my sleep

[Friday, 30 June, 2006]

I did a little clean up at my work area and then updated my journals. I was packing my wardrobe halfway when my brother returned home with his girlfriend. Once again my finally raised enthusiastic was massacred again.

I was not sure when I could continue my packing work again since I had not picked those unwanted clothes out to reduce the cramp inside. Soon, I was unbearable and decided to take a little rest after the long day of tiring and disgusting camp life.

It was the night of Vivi’s first performance and I was waiting for news from her actually. But my fatigue kept me unconscious that even my phone did not wake me up from the living room when she called.

I could have brought my phone into the room and that could have woken me up. The guilt that dissolved into my body wrecked my mind somehow.

She could have so much to tell me or even grieve to complain about, waiting for encouragement or enlightenment; I failed to stay by her.

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