The irritating voice

The first time I realized something was wrong with her was when she came into the office and started mumbling in front of the training schedule. Nobody cared to entertain her and none actually realized what she was paranoid about.

It became so clear when I was besides Ivan, she came in and spouted nonsense. Ivan was rude to her and walked away to use the internet instead. It was actually confusion over her department and that one of them had told Ivan to change the room for a lesson, whereby another could not find something. She insisted it was Ivan’s fault and hung around to pollute the place for a long time. Until she realized Ivan was right, she still stayed there to talk over her mobile phone, irritating everyone like nobody’s business.

She created more of a nuisance when I witnessed her bother Quek when he was extremely busy. Her voice would never end. Then, she continued to hang around in my office again to spread her fame.

Her looks I would never despise on because it was not her choice; her create-hair-standing voice could not be chosen as well; however, she could actually stop pestering everyone, imitating a bee rounding up ears.

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