The longest HLS run

[Tuesday, 11 July, 2006]

As usual, the shuttle bus that was supposed to come at 0645h (after the change of time) was late. It deprived the purpose of me waking up early and rushing down. As the timing continued to screw up, being at the odds, we could not do anything. The top level obviously had no sympathy for poor guys who stayed out. Who knew the timing might be pushed forward more in future?

I could only be right on time (usually would be earlier) after opening up the office and changing my clothes. However, snails strolled in despite being late and thus causing problems with the accounting of strength. The delay and mess was pathetic.

We started with two rounds of running and then out of the gate and to the park. This time I was putting on a causal gear and eventually stored enough energy. There was a guy in front of me but he was nowhere to be seen and that the people at the finishing point claimed that I was the first to arrive. I could only conclude that that guy was of a different running group.

Before I could rest for the exhaustion from the run, just when Kwang Han came back, Elvin had gone down to the parade square to approach me. There was a power trip and the place was in chaos when there were many lessons going on. At first I was expecting Kwang Han to go up with me but to realise I was actually alone with Elvin and Siu Hang.

The switch board was a stranger to me even though I had been near it for more than a year since we always got the contractors to fix it for us. Chen De was taught before but he seemed to be lying inside the coffin and could not be found anymore. Whereas Quek was not around but claimed that he knew it.

In my drenched shirt so smelly, I was on phone with him for over fifteen minutes when the stupid organisation was not paying for my bill. Regardless about the bill, using one leg to keep the door opened, holding the phone on the left and pushing the hard switches with just one hand was a torture when I had just finished my run. Soon I realised there was condensation at the internal part of the phone’s display.

I lost count of the times I had climbed the stairs and had immune to the sight of the trainees who had seen me so pathetically in my PT attire that did not seem able to dry up even given an hour. It did not work.

It was not fair for I was problem solving it when the rest had claimed that they were too hungry and had to go for breakfast; was I not hungry when I ran even faster than them?

I checked and confirmed that the whole level three was down and when I went back to the office, people came in for alternate rooms. So, as I was trying to contact Mr Tay, I had to entertain the thirst of the trainees and instructors. I was shocked that Mr Tay was no longer in charge of the building because another company had taken over the maintenance after their contract ended. He gave me a number to a guy called Edmund but I was given the same reply.

After settling all the room issues, having to give away keys of equipment rooms in order for the lessons to resume, I set off to find Rajoo. Blackie was at the parade square and he gave me Rajoo’s new number in my furious looks. Then Rajoo gave me the technician, Mr Peh’s number. He arrived in a minute in his pickup and swiftly solved the problem. There was however a failure at one of the power points and I had to get keys to all the rooms to unfold it. In the end he realised it was located at one of the girls’ toilets.

Next, I quickly went to open the theatrette as I saw the schedule wrote commander was giving a talk there. Jacky Foo sent me a message to hinder my movement, requesting to use the theatrette for his next lesson and I told him another platoon was using it already. I was just in time for the trainees to come in before I stayed inside the freezing control room to wait for the arrival of the commander anytime. Being almost frozen in my wet PT shirt, I waited for more than half an hour.

Suddenly I received a call from Jacky who asked me again if he could use the theatrette for his lesson. I declined since it was already booked. Suddenly I realised it was not a good idea to be too close to instructors to avoid extra work. After some time, he called me again, saying there was a problem with the projector. I left the control room in the fear that commander would arrive anytime. Then, I realised he had only switched on the power source but not the projector’s switch. Then the keyboard could not work, I quickly dashed down for replacement but there was no connection also. I solved it by restarting the computer.

Rushing back to the theatrette, I asked the trainees who told me the commander’s talk was cancelled; however, their lesson was going to begin soon. The DXO came just in time and I fixed the place up for him.

It was eleven o’clock already.

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