The Profound Parental Love

[Saturday, 01 July, 2006]

Weekends were never enough when I always spent them insanely.

I woke up early after dozing off early on Friday night and was waiting for news from Vivi for her previous night’s performance. After doing my daily stuffs of checking emails, I finally heard from her but it was not long before she had to leave her house. I went back for a nap after that.

I rushed off to Buona Vista, seeing Tzu Chi members holding direction signs all along from the control station to bus-stop, realising I did not even need to ask for direction. They had used so much manpower.

It was more than a relief to see Huiying and Carol at the bus-stop. Somehow they could not recall my name at the first few seconds. Then, Carol dumped her friend, You Ming, with me, asking me to take care of him. He was a very weird guy, the type of dreamer who would talk to himself out of sudden.

Upon reaching the NUS UCC, You Ming put his belongings down and went off without me. As time went by, I began to worry that I could not get a good seat. I went in five minutes before the performance alone and at the door, I was glad that one of the aunties remembered me.

I was sitting at a reasonably well seat until Huiying and the rest came in, I moved to the second row with them.

The performance began with a video featuring three different stories of unfortunate people. They were very touching and Huiying started crying soon. The whole performance was much better than I had expected; however, it was not easy to understand all the parts. It was great to see the final products after going through a few of the rehearsals with them.

I saw teachers bringing their young students down and was quite amazed since it would not interest them most probably and that they might not even understand anything at all; then I realised it was a good lesson for them and at least some of them could definitely understand the meaning behind – being filial.

I stayed behind after the performance in the least hope of getting to see her since she had told me she could not meet me already. I did not mind waiting and in fact was quite determined to see her. She did not pick up my calls nor did she message me back until some time later my effort was paid off.

It was then I realised it was not her last performance and she was having another repeated one later in the evening. She asked if my mum wanted to watch it and I thought it was a good idea. However, she could only get seats which were not of good view to the stage.

My mum had to abandon her work in order to attend the play. I took her to Holland Village for dinner and I paid for the whole meal; I felt grown up as she used to be paying for everything in the past. Then we proceeded to the bus-stop and took the first shuttle bus.

We were led to the left of level three at the one-sitter seats. It was a different way of watching it as we lay onto the right hand grip. Looking down was a spinning moment when the seats were mostly empty. They seemed to have delayed the play for the sake of the latecomers.

Watching it for the second time was quite an insane move. It had foiled my plan to do my other stuffs at home; it was also extremely tiring for me to stay out since the early afternoon till night.

After it ended, I had no choice but to leave since I had to send my mum home. I messaged her a few times to inform me if she was free and I did not mind going out to meet her again.

During the queue for the bus, I kept looking into the building in the hope that she would come out in time but it was just my wishful dream.

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