The second day she was away

[Thursday, 13 July, 2006]

The second day Vivi was in her school camp, living seemed so weird; at least it was better than she left for Malaysia. It was still bearable for us as she had smuggled her phone to Lim Chu Kang and thus I was still able to hear her voice for a while every night. What really worried me was her safety and welfare.

She called me suddenly in the early evening and I promised to let her know when I got home. My anxiety got me nowhere as my mum asked me to buy dinner together and then help her collect three big bags of incest papers from her friend. I reached home a bit later than usual and there was no reply from her.

This night when I was not tied down by anything, I tried to make good use of my time. I continued with editing of my site and blogging. However, I was not as efficient as expected and my plan to at least pack a little space in my wardrobe for my new shoes remained a dream.

Her sudden call at a later hour was not at a right timing, since my elder brother was on the phone, I had to use my own mobile phone to call her back. She was as sweet as usual, telling me how much she missed me. I sank into the blessing of her love.

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