Two pieces of paper

[Tuesday, 18 July, 2006]

Yuqing sent me to Buona Vista instead of Choa Chu Kang MRT station this time. The traffic was not as smooth as expected and in front of the MOE building where we had to make a U-turn, vehicles were jamming up.

As the estimated time began to drift away, my frustration evolved once again. Passers-by were blocking the way, walking the drunkard way though they seemed to be in rush as well.

I was never as irritated until I reached the escalators, where couples and groups of people were modelling together despite the anxiety and tired faces all over the places. There people who blocked the escalators were so inconsiderate and if I were to act like them unconsciously, I would probably be very embarrassed and guilty.

I hated crowded train. Of a time when I had to even carry a bulky item on hand, I detested the feeling. After squeezing through the journey, I paced up in my weary legs to the bus-stop.

Bus 124 came first but it was so crowded that I decided to take bus 143 behind. Unfortunately, inconsiderate people did not move in and the bus could not get going.

So, I was late for about ten minutes. Climbing up the stars was exhausting that I almost would not lift up my legs. Then, I waited at the lobby like a fool for her to pick up her phone since her mum was at home.

After so many missed calls, I finally got to contact her again, passed by her front door in the hope that it was not obvious. She stood by her windows so beautifully and I pathetically passed her the two pieces of song lyrics through her windows.

It was a bonus to get to see her again but I had to leave immediately.

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