A day meant to be on diet

[Wednesday, 16 August, 2006]

I was very engrossed in editing my website until quite late hour. My plan was to wake up early for a morning jog before going to Woodlands to collect my N6230I. However, there was a miscalculation and a counselling to enforce, that I only got to sleep after six in the morning. It seemed like someone had to do something to help the pig couple to get out of their daily unhappiness.

In fact, I was having problems myself that I could not solve, was never fit to meddle in others’ problems; but I could never leave things rot without taking any action. I was contradicting myself perhaps.

So, after sleeping for two to three hours, I got up to laze around on the mattress again but could not get to sleep. Having not enough sleep, I could not think properly, joined my younger brother in watch a movie until I realised time was running out.

Finally, I departed for Causeway Point at Woodlands again. The first thing I did was to use the toilet near the Nokia Service Centre, which stinked. Then, I proceeded to collect my phone, being told that my battery was actually alright, which I doubted so. Nevertheless, I had lost my contacts for nothing.

Before setting off for the library, I saw someone looking like Meiping and I remembered she had told me she was working at Causeway Point before. I sent her a message as I made a long detour to get to the opposite building. She did not reply me immediately but at least I confirmed that girl was her.

I lost my way embarrassingly, up and down the building, and finally got help from a cleaner to get to the location of the library. Seriously, there was no obvious sign to direct me over, or perhaps there was no sign at all. Maybe it was meant only for residents of Woodlands.

I realised I was nuts about library since I had not been to any for so long except for the small one at Pasir Ris Whitesands, which I did not even bother to look for any specific type of books. I walked all over the adult level and finally got what I wanted – books about PHP.

However, when I tried to borrow them at the machine, they said I was not allowed to do it. I went to the counter and they told me it was because I had not borrowed any book for too long. Alas, it was settled.

I went back to find Meiping, in hopes of filling up my stomach since I had only two slices of breads before leaving my house. However, she told me by eating at the foodcourt, the air would stink her eventually. Therefore, she did as usual to takeover her lunch while I gladly decided I could have lunch with Vivi instead.

Soon, I left for home. I met a babe on the train with her mum and I was quite impressed with her. She seemed a few years older than me, fair skinned, but with a very good figure, dressed decently and yet stylishly. However, she walked away from the door as her mum found a seat, and then after a few stations, both of them were seated and she faced her mum all the while and I could not keep myself entertained by admiring her. The worst thing was a foreigner who came in between us to block our line of sight.

After reaching home, it was almost two and I thought I was just in time to meet Vivi but she was busy with some misunderstanding again and told me she could only get there in around half an hour time. She wanted me to go and get my lunch first but I decided to wait for her at my house.

She came straight as I forgot to tell her to meet me at the bus-stop as planned. She was then too tired to go down to have lunch together with me and both of us went to sleep in empty stomachs. After that, we played with my N6230I but she deleted most of the stuffs I took.

Before I sent her home, she confiscated my phone. The journey was quiet with her holding to my phone and doing something to it. I was too sleepy and hungry to talk as well and the quiet momentum penetrated throughout the journey.

I bought her a sandwich at the 7-11 store before we boarded the bus. I did not know if she wanted to finish up the whole of them or share with me, but was too lazy to ask. Eventually she finished off everything on the bus and I was quite glad later since she did not have dinner.

Before reaching her house, she suddenly realised she had tuition. So, I waited downstairs her house since I was already there to walk her to her tutor’s house. After camping for around forty-five minutes nearby, with my head lying on the stone table most of the time, she finally came down. I was of course too exhausted to say anything anymore, not even have the mood or strength to chew the slices of apple she brought along.

My mum rang me up to ask if I wanted her to buy my dinner. Then, she suggested I go straight to find her and buy the dinner together. I dropped her idea immediately as I did not want to waste anymore time waiting for my food.

I quickly rushed to the bus-stop so that I could board the earliest bus in order to view what Vivi had done to my phone; she made me view it only when I got up the bus. Then, I realised what she had done for me – taken a photo of herself at my house and editing it with sweet words on the way to the bus-stop. She was so sweet!

In the end, I still got home earlier than my mum.

In fact, even though starving myself and having so lack of sleep, I realised I was stronger than when I was in the army; the fatigue was no longer as unbearable.

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