Babysitting Bing Bing at Jurong East

[Saturday, 26 August, 2006]

Quek called me at around eight plus the night before to ask about going to swim at Jurong East. I was on the train back from Yongming’s place, and promised to let him know by nine o’clock.

Since the rest of them were happily singing karaoke, I thought it was easy to get them to agree just by one call. However, I was wrong that Gilbert was too busy singing that he did not pick up my repeated calls. Then Ivan proved that all of their sense of hearings got problem, however, was a bad news.

I did call Peh, Edgar, Ah Boon and Kengster but to no avail. In the end, only Kwang Han, Tze Siang and Chua were free and my entire hour of searching for people was quite a disappointment. I managed to get back to Quek fifteen minutes after the promised time.

So, when the finally day arrived, I got up in time to see Quek’s SMS to delay the swim to 1345h instead of 1300h. I immediately inform the rest and Kwang Han started to sound out that he did not want to go anymore. We had a chat in MSN and same like Edgar, he said that it was because I was clearing leave and that was why I was able to do things; but in fact I had been going out with the camp’s people since before I was clearing leave. Anyway, it was partly the next day’s AHM’s fault.

Before leaving my house, Vivi told me she was bringing her sister out to Bugis. So, I had missed another chance to get to go out with her, especially when she needed me so much to take care of her sister.

I was the earliest to reach Chinese Garden MRT. Then, I sat down there to continue with my writing while I called Vivi to chat. Quek messaged me he would be late and Chua soon arrived at the swimming complex. He messaged me and I told him Quek was late and our conversation went by…

Me: Ok. Later u knock ssg quek down 4 being late. Ask him hold it there 4 1 min den do leopard crawl ard e pool.

Chua: Too simple for him coz he pes a…ask him suck all the water sure he prepare to go see mo for 1mth mc.look like we are helping him out.

I was so impressed by Chua’s creativity. Later on, Tze Siang called me and said he had reached but he realised Kwang Han did not inform me that he was meeting us at the swimming complex itself.

At first, I thought Quek was brining Bing Bing along only, but his wife actually came along. As he tried to explain that it was difficult to bring three girls out, I was puzzled after the head count. After some time, I looked into the baby wheel cart and realised Ci En was there too!

This time I needed not rent a locker since Quek Sao was there to watch over the stuff while looking after Ci En. It could be a good chance to take photos if more people had joined us. I went to rent a float with Chua and met up with Tze Siang at the Olympic pool. Then, we set off a few rounds at the Lazy Pool.

As we joined up with Quek and Bing Bing, he asked us to take care of Bing Bing while he went to help his wife to shift things over to the tables nearer to the float store. Suddenly, Chua went missing in action. Bing Bing insisted me to bring her over to the playground side and I had a hard time looking after her. My back started to ache soon as I had to arch down to hold her as she ran about. It was fun to sit on the slide with her. However, it was a scary experience to look after a child who was so hyperactive at the playground where water was splashing everywhere. Bing Bing was so cute and she quite liked me but there was a big problem of her calling me “叔叔” (Shu Shu), which means uncle in Chinese.

After a while, Tze Siang left for his tuition and I was left there with Quek and Bing Bing when Chua was still out of reach. We spent quite some time at the wave pool before leaving. Just before we reached the entrance, we met Chua finally.

After bathing, Chua brought me to the canteen to show me the three girls whom I met earlier at the MRT station but they were gone. He claimed that they had such good figures, with abs on their front. So, I was right about him that he was looking at girls all these while.

It would be better if more people were present and we could rotate to take care of Bing Bing, while those off duty could go and play the big slides while diverting attention on pretty girls; but it would be better if Vivi was present.

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