[Tuesday, 01 August, 2006]

So long since I last applied medical oil for myself on my back and it was all for the terrible aching caused by work.

Early in the morning, the HLS run was conducted by familiar young faces. The warm-up was funny with all the wrong count and instructions by the in-charge. Then, they did not give any safety brief before starting everyone off; they did not even report strength to the highest authority around.

The pain did not affect my running much in the early morning. However, I was stopped by Jacky and warrant Ang halfway as they wanted me to extend my ORD date for a month in order to accompany them to ROC. Since it was quite a risky choice, I did not really want to do it though I would really love to go out with them to shop in Taiwan.

Firstly, I might not even be granted to go even if I extend my ORD date. Secondly, I might not be directly under Mike’s supervision again. Thirdly, Captain Bobby was no longer the OC and I would not be able to tag along with him during exercise. However, there was a bonus that there was a babe among the SOCC platoon.

In order to catch up with the rest, my momentum was lost. After not running for more than two weeks, I felt tired fast though I tried my best to relax myself. This time, Ivan had beaten me again and someone should really put him into SISPEC. I was at the fourth position but we suspected the champion skipped a round to lead the run.

It was a moody day like the previous days. Gilbert and I went in search of Quek after lunch regarding our leave forecast. It was a tough process to get to see him when he did not care about his phone anymore. I was so discouraged when talking to him as he sounded so low in spirit and he frankly told us he did not want to do work outside his job scope for the time being.

We mentioned about the unfairness and biasness between our departments and he depressingly told us about the previous meeting between the heads, which no final decision was made. The heads were obviously taking things into their own hands and not caring about their subordinates. They were the ones who sat there drinking coffee everyday while we were fighting wars with other people.

Even though I could not understand how Quek really felt, I knew he could be very disappointed that he might not be able to keep his promise to his men who had worked so hard for him. I trusted him completely that he had done his best to fight for our rights but his strength might be too insignificant.

The king would only recognise the hypocritical efforts of people working in the capital and not care about his soldiers fighting at the borders, and this was how the situation was like, be it a male or female leader.

I was disgustingly humiliated by the dark world.

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