Buying Quek’s daughter’s gift

[Saturday, 12 August, 2006]

Ivan and I had a big problem deciding when and where to meet to get Quek’s daughter a gift. It was for an invitation to his party to celebrate his second daughter’s full month birth. It could be actually started by a suggestion from me weeks ago.

Nobody was as supportive as Ivan and I as we got to interact more with Quek and admired his character so much. We were the ones worrying most about the gift but were also quite tired of going out.

Through the chat in MSN, I dragged Kengster and insisted him to go along. He gave a later timing and we lazily accepted it. There was a further change of timing by Ivan as he was watching VCD. Then, my mum arrived home and cooked a bowl of noodle for me. Thus, I was delayed.

Since I had three direct buses to Suntec City, I told Ivan I would be going there straight instead of taking train to Cityhall and took the long walk through Citylink. However, just when I was about to reach the bus-stop, Kengster called me, saying he was at Suntec City already.

I could reach there in around ten minutes’ time but the problem was that Kengster was another road-idiot. I was not very familiar with the shops there as well except for some big shops like Courts, Carrefour and Harvey Norman. I asked him to meet at Harvey Norman since it was near the bridge linked to the bus-stop and I quite liked his attitude for he assured me he would find it himself.

I hurried and got there soon. I was shocked to see the location of the Harvey Norman store being under renovation and Kengster was at Carrefour, which was at the other end of Suntec City. To avoid losing track of him again, I walked all the way over to meet him up and then back to the first location to gather with Ivan.

We hesitated outside the “Mothercare” shop because of the name; we did not want anyone to mistake our intentions. None of us dared to take the first step in and thus we walked off towards Carrefour’s direction. After walking a round inside Carrefour, we went up to the top level where there were shops selling babies’ stuffs and we started teasing Kengster by sounding out loud that we were looking for his daughter’s stuffs.

We moved on to Marina Square and eventually went into a shop called “Kiddy Palace”. We saw some cute stuffs but nobody wanted to take the initiative to talk to the salesgirls. I was actually quite fine with the embarrassment but just hated people not taking initiative. This was however too crucial that we had to buy and I took the move. I did not really want to pay for the stuffs first since I understood it was difficult to collect back the money, which happened to be true.

Kengster at Suntec City Mac, looking retarded

On the way to Suntec City’s MacDonald’s, we made Kengster carry the big plastic bag all the way. I was just lazy to carry it because it was bulky and soon, I realised the plastic bag had the shop name and that was why nobody wanted to carry it. We began teasing him more.

Ivan loves Singapore. Cool pose?

Kengster hidding behind Ivan. Notice the 断手?


Pushing the plastic bag to Kengster

Kengster hiding the label of the “Kiddy Palace” plastic bag

A weird friend found at the bus-stop

After dinner, Ivan and I took bus 196 home while Kengster took the train.

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