Congratulate for the cohesion event

[Friday, 04 August, 2006]

Congratulate for the success of the cohesion event for the two departments.

Thank for inviting my department people over even though obviously we had major events running at the lecture block and most of us could not make it.

Thank for allowing Jason to participle in the pool game such that he could have the chance to crown in the game; thank for putting up with his probably unwilling and effortless stay.

However, I would not appreciate it for the meal because my indented free lunch at the cookhouse was cancelled without my knowledge or approval.

We do appreciate the indirect feedbacks that we are slackers because we are mainly only issuing and collecting equipments, taking care of all the forty plus rooms equipped with expensive items, climbing up and down regularly, starting work as early as six in the morning (for parades) and ending as late as ten plus, shifting furniture among rooms despite having injuries, interacting with people from other units especially when they book the theatrette, controlling all the lighting and sound for the speakers, commander or Chief, putting up with nuisance from old freaks with higher rank and getting scolded for nothing; as compared to people who sit in front of the computers to play game more than half of the working hours, we are just useless bums.

Lastly, I am grateful for the sudden call for projector that I had to bring over and the crowd that had stopped me from doing anything when they were not as experienced as me, though no instruction was given. I shall be glad to be able to serve the hardworking people anyway.

Since the attendance does not prove my department have more important and tedious roles of work, we shall strongly reflect on our job scopes and feel ashamed of ourselves that we will be showing less smiles in future.

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