Defeat my purpose

[Tuesday, 29 August, 2006]

Having failed to listen to Vivi and sleep early, I had a hard time getting up in the morning. Her sweet messages woke me up a few times and finally I got up around noon.

My plan was to go to the polyclinic and get a referral letter to NUH (National University Hospital) orthopaedic specialist for my back and knees problems. I was reluctant to leave my house due to tiredness, moreover she had told me to get her a FBT short, which I was not sure where to get.

So, I decided to go to the polyclinic first and follow by Queensway shopping centre. I told the doctor straight to point about the referral letter and he was cool about it when I had my back’s MRI report with me.

I also asked him about the problem with my body getting numb so easily but he told me it was very common for everyone; I did not quite agree with him but could do nothing. Perhaps, Chinese physicians could have done more for me.

I went to the room to book the appointment. While waiting, I asked her if she wanted to go Queensway with me and she agreed.

Since the NUH had a long queue, the nurse called AH (Alexander Hospital) instead. There was an immediately appointment half an hour later and the next one required another one plus month, which would be after my ORD and I probably would not be going. It could be a good try but since I had an appointment with Vivi, I had to give it up.

I quickly gave her a call after I finished with the booking. Then, she gave me the most shocking answer that she did not know how to go to Queensway shopping centre when her school was so nearby.

I raced to her school in order to give her a surprise, but on the way I reflected on myself and my decisions, feeling sad that I was neglecting my health for girl again. I was worried about my injuries and my PES status after ORD.

I was so worried she would take other route that I called her and she told me a white lie that she was near the bus-stop but she was actually being dragged on by her friends. It was good to give her such surprise but I could hardly smile with an exhausted mind. Then, she told me it was too late to go to Queensway anymore and refused to call her mum to ask for a later curfew.

So, I was struck again for I had skipped this chance of going to AH and yet the outing had to be called off.

The good thing about the day was that I was able to get to see more of her friends. However, I thought she might be teased that I did not bring myself forward to go near her group of friends.

Sweet sacrifices and commitments were worthwhile for sweet wife-to-be I supposed. But this long journey was too early to be celebrated about.

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