Departure of my N6230i

[Sunday, 13 August, 2006]

When I was at Causeway Point, I went to the Nokia Service Centre while waiting for the rest to come.

I thought they could fix up my new phone in just a few hours, but other than installing latest version of the software, they needed a few days to check my fast-dying battery.

The warranty card was empty and I could have filled it up with a later expiry date but I was stunned by the sudden question and just nodded at the lady when she said she would use the date found online.

At first, I thought I had backup my contact list but to realise suddenly that I had cleared my old N3120’s contacts.

Therefore, I have lost many of my contacts and I am not sure whose numbers are gone.

I have to go back on this coming Wednesday to collect it. How I wished my luck can improve more.

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