Gilbert was the culprit

[Tuesday, 08 August, 2006]

After the HLS run, which was delayed somehow by the gym opening, we went to the canteen for breakfast. Gilbert did not want to go and instructed Siu Hang to buy food for him at the Spec Mess; however, it was closed.

During the long queue for the Wan Tan noodle, I called Gilbert on his phone but he did not pick it up. Since it was already nine plus and we were supposed to meet Shep at ten, I suggested messaging her to change the timing. Just as I was keying halfway, Kwang Han announced that he would do the messaging.

Just as we were almost done with eating, Gilbert called me to buy him roti john. We waited on and the auntie actually forgotten to do it for me. Suddenly, Gilbert messaged me that Shep was inside the office, roaming at people (Siu Hang and Anthony) who were eating the takeaway noodle.

We were shocked and Kwang Han checked his phone to realise he had a missed call from Shep. We quickly pieced up the information and realised nobody had actually messaged her. He thought I had messaged her and I mistook him that he was messaging her when he was contacting Gilbert.

Kwang Han rushed back and followed by Yuqing a while longer after finishing his drinks. Since Shep was still inside the office after I got back, I quickly took the roti john to the theatrette in case she would nag more. However, just as she was on her way up, Gilbert called me to bring it down instead of him coming up; and when I asked him for which stairs she was taking, he could not reply. Therefore, he made me run extra errands.

To conclude, Gilbert had wasted our time to call him, caused the miscommunication between us and Shep, made us wait for his food and made me run extra stairs for him.

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