If you’ve appreciated, you wouldn’t slap me

[Saturday, 26 August, 2006]

I am so sick of being a busybody. It never pays to be kind and helpful, and sometimes you get slashed in the midst of stopping the “fight”.

Have you ever realised how ignorant and arrogant some girls can get when they broke off with their boyfriends? I will not commit the same mistake and if you cannot understand my words, I repeat it is just SOME girls. The problem with them is that they will start to call all guys jerks without using their brains.

There are of course some black sheep in this world; some jerks and Casanovas could have spoilt the market but obviously it is not the majority of the guys. Same goes for girls who play hard-to-get or flirt around, or even two-timing; there are just all kinds of bitches around as well. You will never hear a sensible guy say “All girls are sluts”; are you a sensible girl then?

Have you realised how much negative thoughts have been generated towards your ex boyfriend by your unreasonable one-sided stories? Do you think it is fair to him? You may not have done it on purpose but I am sad to tell you I can feel the strong negative force saturated in your atmosphere and all hates him.

So what if one day he starts to announce all his unhappiness about the relationship, without indicating how much you have done for him and some important points to mislead all his friends, how would you feel?

It is a good hobby to blog in order to express yourself to whoever interested to find out more about you; it is also a good place to release your stress and air your views. But, are you a responsible blogger who does not spread rumours or even degrade your beloved ones?

Pardon me to be forthright, if you love him and still want him back, why are you doing all these to him? If he ever gets to know of your childishness, do you still expect him to come back to you?

It takes two hands to clap and if your guy has left you, what do you think could have caused the change in his mind? If you want him to be romantic, do you think you have been sweet enough for him to do so? To tell you frankly, the ways you have been doing things have been freaking everyone out.

From the view of an outsider, it seems that you are playing him like a puppet and want him to do whatever you want. From the point of a friend of both of you, I feel the same pressure. If you want to continue to be immature, then continue to think guys are jerks; do not ever counsel any and do not ever get near to any as well.

I am sorry again but to express that girls who claim that guys think with their penis are actually girls who think with their boobs. Obviously boobs do not have brain and that explains why these girls are shallow and simple-minded. If a guy has stayed with you for years and you think all he wants is sex, zip up your brain and stop imagining you are Fiona Xie; I pity his efforts for tolerating you for so long.

After years of efforts to put in good words to help both parties to get together in harmony, I realise I am a dumb fool. Why am I always being sandwiched in between them? Why do I receive ungrateful feedbacks after all these trying to protect each other?

I did not realise just by stating the facts will end up affecting the ego of the girl, thus causing a sudden twist to attack me. I did not expect just by ending the flames in the girl’s place will cause another round of bullets firing at my sympathising heart.

I am not a person who will side anyone just because he or she is of the same category or gender; and if you just want to hear beautiful words about you, cultivate yourself to be perfect that I cannot find any fault.

I regret badly for all effort I have been giving all these years, especially to stay up till near daylight to give counselling. If I have ever being appreciated, I do not think I will be slapped.

This will mark the end of my one-sided help for the couple. Whether they patch up again in future or what, I shall not give any aid, which is considered as unnecessary, to get them to appreciate one another.

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