Money can buy happiness

[Friday, 18 August, 2006]

I tried to keep the back of my hair down by using wax and realised it was a tragic when I decided to even out the wax. I was more used to wet my hair a little and use the fashion spray to harden it; I was an idiot to styling my hair anyway.

I was late eventually and reluctantly asked her to meet me at Tanjong Pagar instead since she had to pass by my place in order to get to Bugis. I was very worried since her sense of direction was not good.

We went to Bugis Village straight instead of having lunch and I listened fearfully to what she had to buy. She seemed so satisfied with a pair of high heel shoes after touring rounds and rounds that I did not ask for discount, which was a terribly wrong move. As usual, I won her over footing the bill.

So, once again I just told her a day ago I would not splurge on her anymore and yet I was doing it. It had little to do with man’s ego but the fact that if she were to use her own money she would definitely skip her meals until the next month.

My dear “sister” Hoay Min reminded me before that what I had been doing were commitments and not sacrifices, and thus, I thought it was part of my responsibility to take care of her welfare. Which guy would not give in more to his sweet girl?

We crossed over the road to Parco and she got changed before we had our second neoprint shot. She managed to win over me to pay for it this time by threatening me to stay inside the machine. This time, she clicked the wrong choice and the neoprints came out so small. Then we had our third round immediately, which result was not as satisfying.

After that, we went to shop for her necklace before she decided we should buy some sushi for lunch. I was already famished, too weak to walk, but I betted she still could walk for hours without feeling the fatigue. So, I came to a conclusion that I should take my meal before going out with her.

At the same time, money issue came to my mind again. Even though I had been spending far more than usual this few months, the problem was that I was not earning any money; if I could just get a job with high pay, then paying for stuffs would never be a problem anymore. The stress almost overwhelmed me entirely.

After getting the sushi at Cold Storage, we found empty seats at the food court and finished half of them before we moved on. If it was not for me she would have taken the food on the train instead. The journey to her house was romantic with some teasing and flirting around. It was fantastic.

We went straight to the hair saloon at her neighbourhood area. She wanted to style her hair for the dinner at night but I thought it was not worth it to spend so much. Luckily, the aunties there advised her to just tie her hair up. It was a big relief after I looked into my wallet. She was also sensible enough to be thrifty.

I finally got to drench my thirst and then sent her back home. She introduced me to her friend, Wen Chong, at the playground.

It was another good news that I could see her to her dinner place but at the expense of waiting for her for not more than forty-five minutes she promised. I went back to find Wen Chong while waiting but he left soon. She took more than one and a half hour to come down.

We took bus to Outram MRT and then transited to train towards Raffles Place to meet her friends. None of them looked impressive to me except one girl with her hair nicely styled. I bet she was full of envious.

I lent her my handphone for she wanted to take photos of her pretty friends at the dinner to share with me. After which, she told me to leave. Though I was quite disappointed that I waited for so long just to see her for a while and not even to the exact location, I was satisfied enough to spend longer time with her.

The day marked the third time in a week I waited downstairs her house for her and also the third time I got to see her that particular week. The effort she took to keep me accompanied had deeply touched me that I could not expect for more.

However, in return for the sweetness of my queen, I was pressured. It seemed so obvious that if I was wealthy, I could easily please her more though she did not ask for it.

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