More than an excuse

[Wednesday, 02 August, 2006]

The urge to see her can no longer stay in exile. It is her smiles that bring calmness to me and ensure that I will never be brought down by sorrow. It is all because of her that my life is so fulfilling.

I need her presence now so much when I fail to foresee the upcoming events and when grieves cannot be redressed, when inner voices cannot be delivered to the right person.

Though it might be just an excuse to see her, it is never too much to ask for. I am never a child too demanding and we just need some hugging too much to drown our unhappiness.

I wish so much to be there when she needs my warmth to protest against her tiredness but I can never get near her. The helplessness begins my frustration once again, overwhelming with my existing troubles.

It is just fourth day we do not get to meet up, I am feeling uncomfortable all over.

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