MRI again and her lost of Ez-link card

[Monday, 14 August, 2006]

It was my second time doing MRI but this time the venue was at Singapore Waiting Hospital instead of Raffles Hospital. To compare them, both places had very friendly staffs but the seats and waiting time at Raffles Hospital were more preferred.

I waited for around ten minutes at the registration counter and the nurse asked me to go over to the MRI department after she keyed in the details into the computer. After a while, the Pilipino nurse told me that I had to wait for another forty-five minutes. I was quite irritated at first because they could have booked a later timing for me instead of making me wait so long. Nonetheless, I did not show any temper for her friendliness.

The sudden call from Vivi to meet me up for a movie caused more anxiety than ever. It was such a rare chance and yet I knew I was definitely going to disappoint her.

I took the chance to go down and collect my medicine at the pharmacy. It was actually issued about a month ago but I gave up waiting in order to go and meet Vivi.

Back at the waiting area, suddenly, the nurse called me into the operation room for the doctor wanted to see me. I was shocked as the previous time for my back it was much simpler. After waiting for quite some time again, the doctor finally came out and looked at my left calf.

He sounded it serious, which was totally different from those specialists and I was once again being messed up in my brain; I did not know how good or bad the condition was. Then, I was told that I would be given an injection so that the blood flow could be visualised better. Then, he sticked masking tapes around the lump.

I was escorted out to change into the gown and later, waited again, before going back into the operation room and into the actual room. I was then put down on the bed and given ear plugs. The funny guy (operator) tied my leg so that I would not be moving around, to avoid causing any blur image.

So, I was pushed into the high class coffin-like cabinet and the familiar noises started again. I was however, still managed to doze off for around twenty minutes. The funny guy came in when I thought he had already forgotten about the injection. He started chatting with me in order to distract me.

His effort was of a minimum help as I was focusing so much on the needle. Halfway through the conversation when he was relaxing my muscle on my left elbow, I announced that I was afraid of needle.

Of course, since it had to be done, I faced it without any hesitation. I hated the feeling of the needle stayed inside my flesh, poking into my nerve for so long. I was too tired to lift up my head to witness it being removed, partly being cautious of not changing position of my leg. As he placed a cotton wool over and placed my palm on my right chest, I confirmed the needle was out.

Another ten minutes of non-movable life began and I could not even exert any strength using my left leg. The greatest fear was to have a cramp in that freezing room even though one of the nurses had so thoughtfully and sweetly covered my feet with a blanket; it actually caused some discomfort with the weigh pressing down my toes.

As the scan was over, the Pilipino nurse came in and removed the equipments. At that moment, I realised it was another hell moment for me as she removed the masking sticks from my hairy leg. Nevertheless, she was so gentle and careful, giving me less pain than expected.

I was surprised to see two scars instead of one after removing the plaster

Immediately, I rushed off to meet up with Vivi at the MRT station. Since she had forgotten to bring money, I helped her to top up her Ez-link card. It was followed by a short moment at my house. She grabbed a tin of biscuit and we filled our stomach while having a great chat. Soon, I had to send her home to discover her Ez-link card was not with her as we boarded the bus.

She was gloomy on the way and I went to the Outram MRT instead of going home straight. I was a fortunate man for the operators at the control station were holding her Ez-link card; it could be a reward for I always returned lost items.

I set off for her house immediately. After receiving her slow SMS replies, I confirmed her parents were not around and was glad I did not make a wasted trip for I was on the bus already. Subsequently, I realised she was going for tuition soon and waited for her downstairs her house.

The surprise visit was not enough to cheer her up, probably because it was not the first time already. The disappointment grew as the return of the Ez-link card was insufficient as well. She was just too tired.

After walking her up to her tutor’s house, I went home alone again. It was a blessing to get to see her but I was guilty to cause extra weariness on her.

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