MSN live can use offline status to chat

[Tuesday, 29 August, 2006]

When my net friend, Melody, messaged me in MSN a few days ago, I was quite amazed how come her status was “Offline”. At first I thought MSN was having some bugs. It had been this case that whenever you appeared “Offline” on purpose, you could not message anyone to chat as well.

When Ben Lu messaged me today, my curiosity rose as his status was “Offline” as well. He wanted me to include his girlfriend’s email in my forward list.

I was slow but I went to test the MSN only then and realised in this latest “Live” version, we could message others when we were in “Offline” status.

It reminded me of ICQ. I began with it after using IRC, but I did not use it anymore. ICQ had this “invisible” mode and soon every friend started to use it. They did not want to be bothered unnecessary but I felt it was very hypocrite to be able to message your friend only when you were bored or needed help, but they could not find you instead.

This problem became so serious until my “Online” list became sacred with limited number of friends. Together with the problem of system requirements, many of my friends stopped using it, and thus reduced the number even greater. I gave up years ago.

Now, I begin to worry if history would repeat itself.

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