My last second working day

[Monday, 07 August, 2006]

The whole day was all about settling the off and leave matter. Quek did his promise to help me get back all that I deserved. So, the day began with a little paper work.

On seeing that people who asked me to sign clearance together had already filled some of their entries, I tried to get cracking soon with Sem Chi since my last working day was coming soon. However, there was a call to request me to replace Kwang Han at the theatrette suddenly.

After Kwang Han got back from the talk with Shep, I went down to settle the PA system which my sister wanted to borrow again. They came soon this time and we did the issuing right in front of the training hub and I even sat down there cosily to finish up the voucher as all the big shots were having their lunch break in the midst of the course. That was quite cool.

I attended the briefing from HeyYou to realise that there was nothing important to me since I was leaving already. Shep instructed me to get ready the function room and asked me to get some lab technicians along in her name; she was quite concerned about me but she did not know they had been very helpful as friends all along.

After lunch, I finally got news from Gilbert that Quek had fulfilled his promise when I was clearing up the function room. I thought it was quite a simple task that I did not get any help from anyone. As time passed, I sent a message to Shep to remind her of our date and later on, she teased me in front of Yuqing, saying she had to rush over in case I got angry.

She had some specifications for us to determine our job scope for an upcoming event and she was as concerned as before that she wanted nobody to take advantage of our kindness in return for more workload.

We continued with some chats about how biased Protein was and the conversation burst with sorrow again. I saw the closeness to her and how she really appreciated each of our effort. She could be quite paranoid sometimes but she meant well for all her men.

I got back to office and hurried Gilberto to go and check out the off recommendation forms. However, there was borrowing of laptops and I ended up helping him instead. Then, he dragged on before Quek called to ask me to dig out some printers. Realising that Gilberto was not ready to set off, I tried to carry everything on my own and fortunately, Beng and Anthony rushed over to help me.

I got a few more clearance form’s entries signed. Then, I proceeded to collect the papers from Quek to see to my little cheerfulness as they were signed by 007. I hurried to get all the documentation done as I had to make sure I was available the whole day on Thursday before Vivi went to Malaysia for her performance.

There was some rushing here and there for the clearance forms again. In the end, I had a tiring time filling up the off pass booklet before Quek helped me to sign them. My leave forecast was handled over to Miss Chui to settle.

Actually, I wanted to pay some friends a visit before clearing leave but it seemed impossible when I was going to be busy for the next day. Fatigue besieged me but there was an energy to keep me going.

Sadly, I was still lacking the ORD mood when I left less than two days to clearing leave.

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