My most fulfilling day

[Thursday, 10 August, 2006]

Vivi and I never had a chance to spend long hours together due to the countless obstacles. Our relationship was never as simple as normal couple’s because there were much more torments for us to endure. Therefore, we really cherished the day.

Initially was the early morning walk from Outram towards my house after meeting up with her, in the cooling weather which we were dwelling in. The usual route at a different timing, especially when we knew we had a long and enjoyable day to go on, was cosier.

We spent the whole morning squeezing onto the bed with my mum and it was great to see again how sweet she was when she was asleep. Suddenly I saw her lips shivering and she woke up soon after. Her nightmare eventually turned into reality the next day.

We had to blame ourselves for lazing on the bed for too long that we did not have enough time to have breakfast at the MacDonald’s, which she wanted badly. We took MRT to Dhoby Ghaut and paced towards the Cathay Cineplex building immediately to get our tickets to the show “Click” at 1055h. She was still as sensible as ever, trying to save money for me by not buying any food before going in.

It was a great movie, causing tears on her eyes and down her face; I almost broke down as well. It was supposed to be a comedy but the story was too well plotted and educating, which turned out to be so touching. It did not mean good for me for I had been too emotional throughout my life, resulting in my poor health; my chest would get stuffy and choked whenever I felt sad.

Along the way towards Plaza Singapura after the movie, she questioned me about my feeling inside the cinema and I was taken by surprise once again. I refused to admit the movie was causing a big impact on me because I would never want to be a weak man in front of her. Yet, she seemed to be hoping that I could be much more emotional but she never realised how much I had been through that I was strong enough to keep my tears.

We had our lunch at the food court and she was as sweet as ever, listened to me to avoid feeding on fast food, which was unhealthy. We experienced the surprised use-tissue-paper-to-book-table scene once again and luckily the couple did not mind sharing the table when they got back.

There was a mixture of headache and dizziness after lunch, probably due to insufficient sleep or dehydration, or even heavy thought. Around the same time, I started to confess to her about my mum’s medical appointment at the hospital to do the Scope. She was more than pleased to accompany my mum over but I did not want to disappoint her or myself when my mum had companions already. However, it was hurting me.

The trip to Cineleisure was filled with teasing. We did not stay there for long after visiting the “More than words” shop. Then we proceeded to Hereen, walked around and finally took our first neoprint there. It was quite a shocking moment for the price had increased so much over the years.

Our first neoprint taking session

We met her classmates there who she highly recommended to me for theirs looks but I thought they were just above average looking but with liveliness. Anyway, since the neoprint machine was in Japanese, we could not read the texts and eventually we did not select the photos correctly. Still, the ten bucks were well spent.

She wanted to go to Bugis but she understood there was insufficient time. We went back into the building as I persuaded her to get the clothes she had eyed on and eventually spent a very long time trying out at the 77th Street shop. Then, I used my 6210i to take shots of her after each try. Once again, she fought over to pay for the bills but I won. She bought a sleeveless shirt at another shop but my wallet was broken already.

Sometimes I feared I would spoil her too much. To think that I would not be receiving any stable though little income soon, I could not stop worrying. And that these few months I was spending more than before. The sweetness and joys in a relationship still ruled over my mind.

She came to my place again to order a cake for her friend, which took very long again. Then, she got changed in my house before I sent her home.

It was a day hard to come by and I was sure she would not be able to spend time like this with me again soon.

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