Our 140th day since met

[Monday, 28 August, 2006]

After knowing about my high possibility to take up an operation soon, she came to visit me at my house. She finally had some bites from the chocolate stall downstairs my house.

It was a short stay but this time I was so tired that I dozed off soon for half an hour. I sent her home as usual and just after alighting from the bus, she told me she had tuition. My memory was so bad that I actually slipped it off my mind.

I waited for about half an hour downstairs her house while she took her bath and got ready for tuition. As she came down, like a sweet princess with her fragrance, she wanted to take photos with me out of a sudden.

Our 140th meeting day

Dying in her sweetness

Usually, I was the one who urged her to take photos together. I even insisted before to take photos every time we met up, but my dream did not turn reality. However, this time I had forgotten to bring the camera and could only use my N6230I, which was quite lousy.

We took quite a number of photos before I sent her to her tutor’s house. It was another lonely journey home but she delighted me with a message suddenly.

“ It’s the 132th day since met. And baby, im still loving you. =) Hope you will be smiling MORE retarded then me when you read this message. Cause.. You can’t deny it that you love me like nobody business. Right? ”

I counted and realised it was our 140th day instead. She was so sweet and cute.

This explains how much I love her.

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