Out with Gilberto

[Sunday, 06 August, 2006]

In the afternoon, Gilberto suddenly messaged me and said he felt like floating in the water. I thought that was a good idea since the previous swimming outing was cancelled, we had not swam for quite long and that I needed to relax myself from all the problems.

I felt it was insane for her to go to her friend’s religion function just to return him a favour. She knew clearly how much I hated those places and previously how agitated I was due to them. Furthermore, she could have spent her time resting at home when she was so lack of sleep. In the end, she was even late for her Tzu Chi rehearsal.

I was too weird for anyone to understand me and I began to feel lousy about myself and my judgement.

I contacted a few people but everyone was not free; it was too last minute decision anyway. In the end, I still decided to go and since he asked me to choose the location, I chose Jurong East as the lazy pool was a great place to relax and “float” in or on the water. However, I could tell that he preferred Clementi more even though he made me decide the location and I went by his wish since I was fine with anything. He was as dragging as usual.

She called me when she was alone on the train and that was when I got to know she was late for the rehearsal. Another disappointment filled me but I was able to control myself, yet I used her “talk opposite” method to show her how irritating it could be. My brain was in a mess and I wanted so much to accompany her all the way down to Pasir Ris to ensure her safety but I could not even hold on longer to the phone as Gilberto told me he was leaving his house already.

Just when I was on the way to the MRT station, I recalled Gilberto had to take bus 165, which would definitely be a long journey but it was too late to go home and continue with the chat with her.

In the end, I arrived so much earlier than him and walked around the place to see how disgusting it was under renovation. I bought some buns to stop my hunger and he only arrived near five. I felt quite regretful to go since it was already so late and that we needed to book in the next day.

We proceeded on still and I was very disgusted to see the crowded pool with so many kids. I loved to play with kids but they were blocking the lanes and we had to swim zip-zap instead and I was hit a couple of times as their swimming goggles seemed to be coated opaquely. They also scared Gilberto many times.

There was a young couple there and the guy was clipping his knees by the sides of the girl to keep himself afloat and the height was just nice for him to rub his child-producing machine against her factory. Sometimes, he was just leaning to her closely. I was not against intimacy between couple but the pool was badly crowded and kids were all around; it was of a wrong time and place.

After finishing sixteen laps when my injured knees started to hurt even though I did not really use much strength on kicking most of the time, we got up and went to bath. The gullible Gilberto announced he could feast for three days after finishing the exercise.

We went to Mac and he ordered six-piece nuggets with two ice-cream cones and he reported that the Indian girl teased him so much in Chinese. Then, we took bus 105 to IMM and shopped in Giant for his mineral water, queuing up for so long as the customers in front were making a big fuss.

Next was the search for ATM machine and visit to the Burger King restaurant. As he had the coupon, we took up the one with three sets of meals but the price of two. However, he insisted in waiting for a shorter queue before joining in the fun. In the end, we waited for quite a long while. The task to finish off the dinner was tedious and extremely time-consuming as well.

After that, we finally went to Daiso. I was glad that the items there had amazed him but he was quite clear of the necessarily to buy them. I wanted to get a mat to lay in the living room at night when the room was freezing, but he advised me not to. In the end when he saw my determination to get one and supported me but we realised the material and workmanship was not good enough.

In the end, we walked out of the shop without buying anything even though we had spent an hour or more there. We waited very long for the shuttle bus and he took a cab home immediately while I waited for the seven minutes’ train.

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