Pen the dishonourable history

Although I have “half” stepped out of the ghastly place and need not worry about it, the news of my buddies continued being torn is a blow to my carefree life. It is more than a pinch at my heart, physically tearing down my respiratory system somehow.

I must not be too emotional anymore; this good friend of mine has been degrading my health since I started to learn to care, sympathize and grieve. Nobody knows how bad my health has been.

Can I just pour in my emotion, judgement and knowledge to enlighten everyone about how much some assholes have been terrorising the pride, responsibilities and kindness of so many dedicated and promising young pillars of the country?

My brain has been in a terrible mess. When everyone is thinking that I am enjoying myself so much, the fact is a total twist from the appearance plus assumption.

I blame myself for all these stress I have brought to myself. I am either greedy or imaginative that I always think I can do so many things; I want this and I want that. I cannot even prioritise things properly and each project takes forever when I cannot be focused on anything and always cross working.

I have yet to improve my site to a satisfying standard, nor I have appraised my fellow buddies; I am still a beginner to PHP programming, I have not been exercising regularly. I have not found a job or even started looking for one, not even to do a resume. I have not even paid a visit to my auntie grounded with a very sick uncle. I have been indulging myself in the sweetness of love.

So right now, there is another task I have to accomplish, to gather my memory to list down the evil and selfish doings of the assholes. When can I start to pen them down?

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