Receiving Gilberto at the airport

[Tuesday, 22 August, 2006]

Everyone was either working or studying that nobody except Raymond was free to go to the airport with me. It was my idea to receive Gilbert who went for holidays at Thailand on the previous Friday. It would be nice to do that because I felt so good when my BMCC buddies went to receive me the previous time I went overseas.

I was thinking of going there earlier to study but Raymond suggested studying after that. So, we agreed to meet at 1330h since Gilbert’s flight was at 1400h.

It was a disappointment that the Skytrain service was down due to upgrading. The first thing on my mind was how much the temporary attendances were paid. It was also incredible to get so many mini shuttle buses just for these two or three days.

As usual, Raymond aka Buddy aka Gou Gou (Dog in Chinese Hanyu Pinyin) was late. He promised to reach by 1400h which he failed to abide to his promise again. I checked the flight on the screen and then checked with the information counter to realise there was no such flight reaching at 1400h.

I sent Gilbert a message to ask him to call me immediately upon landing and he replied me. I came to understand that he had earlier given me a timing of the departure time of his flight from Thailand when I was expecting the timing the plane would land – any friend would expect to know the latter’s timing and not the departure one.

A sudden feel of loneliness filled me even though I was all prepared to go there alone before Raymond promised to join me. I went to draw money to replenish my near empty wallet and the balance of my bank account dampened my mood once again; I had spent and given away so much more than ever in a month that nearly a month’s slavery allowance was gone.

I went to the Burger King and had a large cup of ice lemon tea, which amazed me for the taste was much better than any that I had drunk before. There was this reoccurrence on my mind that someone had complimented it before, or maybe just the outlet.

I sat there alone to study, indulging myself in a world of deafness among the oncoming customers. At the end of the third hour, Bunny finally arrived and I had sadly beaten by the exhaustion of intensive studying of just less than two chapters of the book. He was worse than me that he dozed off soon after opening his book.

A very distinguished figure taken from very far


Raymond aka Bunny, the always-fly-aeroplane latecomer

We had a little chat as we struggled with our own study. Just after the arrival time of the flight at 1809h, we packed up and waited outside belt 21. At the farthest side, we managed to see the unique Gilberto looking for his luggage. With a little disappointment, Bunny had to leave right after we met up with Gilberto.

After that, Gilberto and his friend, Anna (did not hear her name properly) had dinner with me at the Burger King outlet. Then, I listened to some of their exciting stories at Thailand, knowing how fun they had been. Gilberto’s planning had made the trip so fulfilling and worthwhile.

Followed by dinner, we bid each other goodbye. Both of them went to get a cab whereas I took the shuttle bus back to terminal two to catch the train home.

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