Second fireworks watch

[Friday, 11 August, 2006]

On the day of the second visit to see the fireworks, Gilberto and I were supposed to get there earlier to find and book decent place. However, we did not do as planned, but only to go there slightly earlier than the previous time.

We had Burger King meal at Raffles City before meeting up with Reuben. Ivan soon arrived, followed by Louis. After buying food back at Burger King, we set off for a picnic near Esplanade.

We were joined up by Yuqing, Siu Hang and one of Gilberto’s female friends. Ivan was delighted with the “scenery” during his journey from camp.

Gilberto caught 断手 again

Gilberto on phone

A camera on tripod stand, ready for the fireworks

Gilberto and Ivan

Xiao Hong pledging loyalty to the country

Gilberto putting his hand on Ivan’s knee *obscene*

I was surprised over how we could camp there from around six till nine o’clock. I had some fun playing with Yuqing’s camera, which certainly cost a bomb. The auto focus speed was fast.

Fireworks. I love this picture a lot with the excited people on the bottom



The fireworks were beautiful, however being destroyed by a cupboard out of nowhere in the park. The absence of the lover degraded the romantic night.

There were babes everywhere, sweeties in uniforms and “Ah Lians” in all kinds of strange clothes with funny gestures. I was filled with courage to take pictures with the cute girls but realising the photo was nothing great a show-off to having a sweet girlfriend, which I was blessed with already.

The last station was after a long walk to Plaza Singapura at the Starbucks. The few of us had a little gossiping and discussion about Quek’s party.

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