Second placing – team KLEGG

[Thursday, 17 August, 2006]

I finally stepped into the camp after a week of disappearance. My initial plan was to go early but I could not wake up after the past few days’ lack of sleep.

Gilbert hurried me to go and train the CS game together but he was pulled to do work before we could start off. I thought he was coming back but he did not. Later on I realised he was strucked inside the theatrette and went up to join him. Then, we set off for lunch together and I was disappointed that they did not serve western food on Thursdays anymore.

After lunch, I went back to the office but only Louis and Edgar could spend some time to play with me; the effort was however useless since we were playing more with bots instead of training as a team, which was much more required.

Before the start of the game, I met Shep, Fredrick and Ivan at the stairs. She suggested holding an ORD farewell party for those who were going to ORD and then she wanted us to give our own speeches to let Protein know how we felt. Suddenly I felt so pressured. It was fine for me but I needed lots of time to prepare my million dollars worth of speech.

As the tournament began, there were not enough clusters of computers for every group to sit down. My team KLEGG had to stand at one side to witness the rest play the first match first. They agreed on no playing with strategy since it was just a simple tournament.

When it was our turn, I was nervous at my first competition and could not do well – I was super off-form – partly because I was very sleepy by then. My standard did not improve but managed to give a little aid to the team. We thrashed the teams in the first two rounds and finally got to play with Jimmy’s team in the final. Their team had long ago come out with tactics and even brought their own mouse and headset along. They played so aggressively and shouted all over.

As we played individually, we lost out to them badly until Louis decided to make some noises. Edgar impressed everyone by winning them in one round when he was outnumbered. We finally started to play with some tactic but it was too late. Perhaps, they were lucky to start as Counter-terriorists first since each round lasted only one minute forty-five seconds, which terriorists would consider lost the game when time was exceeded.

We ended up in the first runner-up position. I knew well I could get back to my usual standard or persuade them to play serious in the first place, results would be different. Nevertheless it was a good chance to play with my good friends in camp.

The $20 NTUC vouncher and the envelop holding them

After the game had ended, we went to the Spectrum to receive the trophy and envelop of $20 NTUC voucher. I would like to accompany the rest to enjoy the buffet meal but Vivi was waiting for me to meet up. Just when I was on the shuttle bus, she called me and told me we could not meet up anymore since it was too late already.

I went to the arcade with Sem and Ah Boon to watch them play the tennis game while waiting for Ivan to take the second bus to the MRT station. He thought I was very sad but I was just tired; in fact I was glad enough that she had been spending time with me.

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