She had left again

[Friday, 11 August, 2006]

So, she had left again for Malaysia but this time I did not crave for her as much as the previous time; it was a feeling of depression instead.

She had admitted to her dad about our relationship for she did not want to lie about it anymore; partly due to my influence for being frank and honest. Early in the morning, I did not know what had happened and who had broadcasted the romance out of jealousy.

I was at a loss when I got to know about the bad news but luckily she still managed to stay calm by the time she confessed to me. I caused her to be in a dilemma and I did not know what would happen next, and seriously I was not sure what would become of me if she had to choose over her beloved parents’ worries.

What if she could manage to get good results despite being with me? He did not buy that for I guessed somehow it was not the main point that he did not want us to be together. But one thing was that he did not judge me at all and it was unfair. I could not blame him for parents’ suspicions, which was meant to be good to her, though could have caused a big disrupt and permanent wound on her.

I told her not to think or worry about it during her journey to Kuala Lumpur but beneath my heart I could not stop bothering about it. It was for three days she left her sweetest house and my heart with worries.

No matter what, I still believe true love would never do us apart.

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