Should I still keep the old numbers?

[Friday, 18 August, 2006]

My ex BMT-mate, Jacky, messaged me in MSN suddenly. He thought of getting a few of my ex section-mates to meet to chill up one day.

Just as we were talking about jobs, he said he had many “lobangs” and I was quite curious and actually a bit desperate to earn money to feed the many mouths. As he asked for my latest number to meet out the next day, I realised his number in my address book was different from the one he gave me.

He said he could not message everyone that he had changed number since there were too many of them. I began to doubt the availability of the other numbers inside my address book.

There are too many people I do not contact with but still keeping their numbers. I do not know if they are still using the same numbers and worst still, if they can remember my existence.

It has been bothering me over the past few days whether I should delete some of the old contacts as my SIM card’s storage space is far too little for keeping all of them.

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