Swim and my meet up with her

[Wednesday, 23 August, 2006]

A denin cap which I paid him back S$8; I had told him earlier on that he had to collect money from me before I get anything from him

This pendant was a gift then

It was my second time swimming with Gilbert alone. We were supposed to meet at Clementi at 1000h but he changed to 1030h and then further delayed it to 1100h. He passed me the gifts he bought for me at Thailand.

I thought he was crazy at first since he had just come back from his overseas holidays, until he proved me it was a relaxing one. I saw a familiar face and when Gilbert prompted, I realised that girl near us was most probably Jiahui. I did not approach her since I did not wear my spectacle and I might not be right. Anyway, that showed how tanned she could be, having suntan all alone probably on her off day.

We stayed inside the training pool of 0.9 metres water depth. In total, we did not swim more than six lanes and none of those we swam was exerting. Gilbert was telling stories about his holiday trip, trying to impress me on the knowledge and experience he had gained. I thought he was right.

In the end, we decided to suntan and I finally got my very extreme sunburnt, which so obvious from the tan line of my swimming trunk. My face was reddish. It was partly Gilbert’s fault for he did not want to leave despite my repeatedly prompts.

We went to the Hawker centre and had a great chicken chop lunch. Then, we went to Bugis Village. It was the first time I went up to the level two, being quite amazed that there were shops up there. Then, we moved on to Parco and soon, crossed the road over at the MosBurger side, went up to the seven level pathetic shops for my first time also. Finally we departed.

Anyway, Gilbert had informed me of the Army Half Marathon run on this coming Sunday and it added on to my burden so much. I was already so frustrated about the crush of Vivi’s class and the PJC volleyball outing. My ex team-mates and I rarely had chance to meet up and this time, so many people were able to make it. This was one of the bad things I had anticipated that I knew I should not commit to anything.

After reaching home, Vivi asked me to meet her up at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Though I had told her I was not tired earlier on, it was a white lie in order to get to see her. So, this evening I was lucky again and we finally met up again in my pinkish skin.

It was a horror sight at first when she sounded so serious on her phone. It was not a good sign to see how much trouble her class had been giving her. We went to buy her contact lens’ lotion and this time I did not have any strength to fight over the bill with her.

We went to the food court and met a few of her schoolmates. Since the place was quite empty, I suggested we get the food first before finding a seat so that we did not need to take turns. She complained to me about her tiredness and since she did not want to eat, we went for a table by the edge of the building. Immediately, she told me to accompany her to get dessert but I could not leave my bag with expensive stuffs inside alone.

When we finally got to sit down together, she told me the great news of her mum allowing her to go to the beach with me this coming Sunday. I was curious about how she talked to her and it seemed like her parents were not very determined to separate us. Perhaps, we ought to call for a celebration. Right in my mind, I understood I should somehow let her parents more aware of how good I was and would be treating their beloved daughter.

I sent her for tuition, found a quiet spot and started mugging again. Perhaps, I had overestimated myself that I could overcome the lack of sleep together with the sunburnt, near-dehydration and long day of walk with Gilbert. Nothing really got into my brain and I started dozing on the stone table. It was all for avoiding the residents’ mockery, I tried to stay awake with my head lying down; an ineffectual effort.

I finally got something into my brain at the last hour, but was too slow a progress. Then, a black idiot came to stir up the pleasant air with his cigarette. He used the stone table next to mine and set up his poor laptop there. I wished him good luck to join my dad soon in my mind and left since Vivi might be ready anytime.

The thought of giving her a surprise outside her tutor’s house scared her instead. I did not expect it and partially had forgotten it was the lunar seventh month. She looked less mature to me nowadays somehow but her sweetness was attracting me more.

However, I was quite worried about her tuition sessions. Somehow every time her tutor could manage to find time to tell her stories and I wondered how efficient the tuition sessions were. Her results would directly impact on our relationship and it jeopardised the impression of me from her parents. Perhaps, it might be the peace before the storm.

Another problem about her tuition sessions, of a great fear was the influence from her tutor. Her extremely religious tutor seemed to be able to control her mind so well that everything was taken into believe. I could not understand how she could foresee the future and our previous lives and one day if she were to tell Vivi that we were cursed not to be together, the world might turn dark eventually.

It would be better to be able to see her till right at her door to ease my mind but I should not hurry things. I was unlucky that none of the four buses came early. The night did not seem friendly when I was alone in my weariness. At least her appreciation assured me that everything was worthwhile.

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