The bicycle needed maintenance

[Thursday, 03 August, 2006]

Although my knees condition had more or less improved a little, I still felt as weak as ever.

Being exhausted at the MMI Physiotherapy centre with the gym in the afternoon, yet I took up the challenge of cycling to meet her again that night. Because it was the traditional month of the good brothers coming out from hell, I saw a need to escort her. Besides, I might not be able to do it anymore once her tutor’s sprained leg turned better and the tuition place changed to her house.

It was not something great because all guys held the responsibilities to not only ensure their girls’ safety but to also eliminate any insecurity feeling they could have. There was too little that I could give, except my truest and determined effort to protect her both physically and mentally.

I only remembered to bring an umbrella along for her in case it would rain and totally forgotten about bringing a small towel to wipe off my sweat. The biggest problem was the bicycle, which was already producing noises since I last cycled but I did not get my elder brother to solve the problem, probably by spraying some oil to remove the rust.

The travelling time was longer than usual when I was strengthless to paddle. The friction somewhere at the centre of the wheels made it harder of course and the sound was embarrassing me whenever I passed by the bus-stops.

It was no doubt a satisfactory trip to see her hiding her smiles.

That night, for as long as more than half a year or probably more, I applied muscle rub cream on my legs for the first time. Though it was enough to cease some of the pains, my incapability dropped my position in the next day’s HLS run.

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