The despicable “Liang Ya”

I saw a photo inside the “Who Viewed Me” section in Friendster. I could not care to bother about it until out of curiosity when I was taking a rest from my work.

I went in to check if he was one of my old friends but to recall I actually had one more person to detest and despise on. I remembered his shameless and lack of integrity deed in the past.

For the first time I brought my new basketball to school during lower secondary time, I thought he was a respectable guy despite having a hideous looks, left the ball with him when I had something to attend to. He promised me to return it but in the end he left the ball lying around there.

When I went to him to account for the lost ball, he promised me to return me the money. Then, he dragged on until months later, he still insisted that he had forgotten to bring the fifty bucks along. Nearly a year later, he started to debate that the other guys who played with him had the responsibilities to pay up as well.

By then, I had fully seen through his true colours. He had no intention to return me the money in the first place and all he did was to humour me around and then push the blame to others. He succeeded in escaping from his crime because I was not firm enough, that he took my kindness for granted; perhaps I should really do more things or at least inform the school about his unrighteous acts.

His classmates told me about his character and I regretted badly to trust this irresponsible hypocrite. This incident had somehow reduced the trust I had for strangers; it was also one of the main causes that I stopped playing basketball.

One of the most shocking things I came to know was that he seemed to be an officer when he was serving the army.

Crafty people do climb higher.

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