The gate towards freedom

[Thursday, 10 August, 2006]

In the first day of my long holidays till ORD, there was no grand feeling of freedom. The draining and sickening life which I had been living could have wiped out my sense of ease totally. I was still worried about my fellow colleague and all the hardship they would still be going through.

The future lies unknown; new challenges await definitely. I have to start planning what to do next but to rest my exhausted brain first.

The current plans are to pack up my house, tour and take photos around Singapore, learn PHP programming, edit my website and write testimonials for my worthy friends. I have to meet up with my old friends too, however, having too many tasks in my mind to start into any. Have they forgotten about me?

Fifty-one more days to ORD and by then I have no more excuses but to find a stable job, I have to get things done and all my dreams fulfilled.

Carefree life – I am yearning for more.

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