The miscommunication for parade timing

[Thursday, 03 August, 2006]

We woke up early and had illegal breakfast before starting into work.

It was as early as 0645h, we had started setting up the PA system for the parade square. Three of us, inclusive of Yuqing and Kwang Han, did everything without any hesitation or plan since it was already fingertip job.

HeyYou appeared out of nowhere and asked why we started working so early because he had told Quek that we only needed to set it up after 0800h; there was bounced to be a communication breakdown again. Although it was obviously a waste of effort to stay overnight there and wake up so early, we were cool about it.

After analysing, I guessed the problem started with HeyYou telling Yuqing to set it up by 0745h and then there was a change of timing. Since I was the first one to inform Quek of the parade, he told HeyYou that he knew about it, and HeyYou did not tell him the new timing and assumed we knew it already.

Since Yuqing was the one who was told of the timing earlier and he did not speak up, I chose to keep quiet as well when HeyYou repeatedly said we were too early; nevertheless he was fine with it and I supposed he was glad that things seemed to work well.

Shep talked to us as well and it was never too good when the topic was too emotional. We all shared the same sentiment about the unfairness of the place and she sounded so despair as well.

We were told that the parade would begin at around 1000h instead. As everyone had left, I insisted to stay around to look after the system. Suddenly there was a call to inform me that it would begin shortly in around ten minutes’ time. Thus, the organisers ought to be grateful that we started early. Still, I did not like the suddenness.

Things went by as usual. After keeping everything, I went to search for Quek but he was missing in action again. I spent around forty minutes waiting for Chiang and Pang from 2SIG to come over to loan the sound system, and after which, continued to search for Quek in vain.

I was totally demoralised for the off issue not settled. I had to get back my off for I deserved them so much but the upper level was being too biased.

I set off for physiotherapy after lunch. There was no smile throughout the journey and the stay there. Luckily for Kenneth that everything was done swiftly and I could leave to rest earlier.

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