The VIP on course and the stay in office

[Wednesday, 02 August, 2006]

Tea breaks for the higher authority were always much better than usual ones. This time, there were pastry with ice-creams inside, which we would describe them as “melt in your mouth and not in your hand”. On the other hand, I did not welcome them since there were always extra workloads before and during their arrival.

At first, I was quite disgusted about the last minute work, including the change of contents to the course, but was waken up by Captain Justine days later. Suddenly, I felt a need to look at things at a wider range.

The day ended well. It had been long since I last had dinner in the cookhouse. I got to chat on phone with Vivi and eventually held this first ever mass MSN group chat.

The night was quite boring as everyone knocked out early. I did not sleep inside the office for the weird smell and instead, went to one of the labs to rest on the carpet floor. It was however still hard and the different ambience with the sound of air-conditioners and perhaps, rats, were unbearable.

I woke up in the middle of night and had problem dozing off again. It was quite freaky to go to the toilet alone especially in the lunar seventh month.

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